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PdaNet Beta
The beta session is over and PdaNet version 2.5 has been released on 08/19/2003!!! If you are still using a beta version, please uninstall it completely and download the release build. Thanks for all the help testing our product!

It is finally here! The latest Beta of PdaNet supports Windows ME and Windows 98 SE (Second Edition). It also supports Windows 2000 and Windows XP although not much new features are added compared with version 2.0 SP2. It does, however, use a different driver that is supposed to be more stable, so if you are having problem running existing PdaNet on Windows 2000 or XP, give this one a shot!

Please report bugs or desired features to beta@junefabrics.com. Please include the build number, IE version and if you are on ME or 98. You can get to this page from the shortcut menu of the program.

Lastest beta build number: 213
Released: 08/10/2003

Fixes connection problem on Treo 270/180 (stopped at Dialing...)

Previous beta build number: 212 (Patched)
Patched on 07/28/2003 to fix a dial up problem that it mistakenly uses a wrong modem to connect

Released: 07/25/2003

Added Features:
1. Allow HotSync to be running side-by-side.
2. Added customizable Ping feature for some Treo 300 users.
3. Allow Balloon messages to be turned off.
4. Fix issue #3 in beta 211.
5. Fix issue #2 in beta 211, modem will show the correct speed now.

Previous beta build number: 211
Released: 06/25/2003

Known issues:
1. Windows ME: might crash in TAPI when reconnecting, need reboot.
2. Connection speed shows some Mega bps.
3. If hit "Cancel" in customized dialing dialog, PdaNet will stop responding

1. Do not hit redial if connection is "not answered", close the window and try to initiate the connection from the PDA.
2. If PdaNet crashes or Hangs, report a bug and you pretty much have to reboot.