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PdaNet for iPhone Update History:
Version 1.60
  • Supports USB mode for Mac 10.5 or above. Please download desktop client at http://junefabrics.com/desktop.
  • Allows WiFi connection to be made directly from the PdaNet software.
  • Fixes a couple of bugs that may cause PdaNet to crash.
Version 1.53
  • Fixes access to http://my.iPhone on USB connection.
  • Fixes a critical memory leak.
  • Fixes a connection error caused by iTunes 8.2. Please also upgrade desktop client from http://junefabrics.com/desktop
  • Please follow PdaNet on Twitter to receive notification when it is safe to upgrade your iPhone OS.
Version 1.52
  • This is a bug-fixing build with no new features. You can follow future PdaNet updates at Twitter.
  • Fixes a DNS failure where no new connections are allowed and forcing you to reconnect.
  • Fixes a crash that prompts you to restart the iPhone when PdaNet is relaunched.
  • Fixes a DHCP Server conflict when joining corperate networks that give out IP address in the range of 192.168.x.x.
  • Allows connection to local IPs in case iPhone is connected through VPN.
  • Fixes proxy connection problem when the IP address of the proxy server is in the range of 10.x.x.x.
  • Alows PdaNet to be turned on/off with one tap on the status line.
  • Fixes a bug that causes some other network applications on the iPhone to fail after using PdaNet.
Version 1.51
  • Supports USB Tethering through the Sync cable (Windows only). It requires iTunes to be installed on Windows as well as the PdaNet Desktop Client (available at http://junefabrics.com/desktop). It is now a one click connection from the computer end and you don't even need to turn on or touch the iPhone (also charged at the same time).
  • Bonus feature: you can ssh or scp to my.iPhone with the USB connection.
  • Bonus feature #2: if your iPhone has Internet access through WiFi instead of the cell phone data service, you can still share it with your computer through the USB connection provided by PdaNet.
Version 1.42
  • Fixes a Wifi connection problem (especially on OS 2.2) where DHCP would fail on the computer end and result in a self-assigned IP address. Wifi connections should also establish a lot faster now.
  • Hard-codes IP address on the iPhone to and computer to
  • Automatically detects when computer is gone.
  • Fixes a connection dropping issue seen on some computers due to lack of network traffic. If this build still doesn't help, try to run a background "ping -t www.google.com" on the computer.
Version 1.41
  • Add a proxy option for users who can ping the iPhone from the computer end but were not able to connect PdaNet before. Proxy server is enabled at port 1080.
  • Fix registration issues. Allow serial number to be entered from phone end directly.
  • Fix a connection issue.
  • This is a minor update.
Version 1.40
  • Implement VPN and UDP support.
  • Display a numeric battery meter (you know you want it).
  • Resolve a CPU usage issue that drains the battery faster.
  • Add a DNS cache for instant lookup, improve initial connection speed.
  • Pause UI update when device is sleeping to save power.
  • This version is a significant improvement over previous versions.
Version 1.33
  • Fix connection hangs when downloading/uploading large files as well as streamings.
  • Fix a connection count reset issue introduced in 1.32.
Version 1.32
  • Fix another major memory leak that could cause some iPhones to hang after long period of PdaNet usage.
  • Fix a CPU performance issue that will cause unnecessary battery drainage and over-heating.
  • Fix an IP address assignment error when the iPhone switches from an existing router.
  • Fix conflict with existing DHCP server in your network.
  • Assign "my.iPhone" or simply "my.i" to the phone so that you can ssh or scp to your iPhone without looking up the IP.
  • This would be our first stable build. All existing PdaNet users should upgrade to this build.
Version 1.31
  • Fix a critical memory leak that eventually freezes the iPhone or makes it unstable after long period of downloads. All PdaNet users are strongly recommended to upgrade to this build. This should also reduce battery usage.
  • Fix a minor IP address assignment problem.
  • Fix a resource leak in ping protocol.
  • WiFi router switch status will now be saved even with a reboot.
Version 1.30
  • Have Insomnia feature built-in when PdaNet is in the foreground. Once a connection is active, you can now turn off the screen and your connection will not drop.
  • Remove Proximity Sensing since it is no longer needed with the above feature.
  • Fix the installer package so that rebooting is no longer needed after installation.
  • Add a help button.
  • Fix incorrect message that says WiFi disabled.
  • Fix incorrect message that says Cell phone data service not available.
  • Fix the damn icon!
  • Fix a rare DHCP issue.
Version 1.2
  • No more waiting for Apple. Beta release for Jailbroken phones. Added background running support.
Version 1.1
  • Remove network usage during installation to be compliant with App Store. Resubmitted and pending review...
Version 1.0
  • Initial version. Submitted to Apple App Store for initial 3G launch, pending review...

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