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General Questions

  • What is "jailbreak" and how to do that?
  • How do I connect using WiFi?
  • How do I connect using USB?
  • Does PdaNet use voice or data? Will I get extra charge from my carrier for using PdaNet?
  • What is the difference between the free and full edition? How to get the full edition?
  • I have lost my order receipt email, could you resend my serial code?
  • How fast is the connection speed of PdaNet?
  • My VPN works on the iPhone side but not on the computer side with PdaNet. How to fix that?
  • My phone stops charging when using PdaNet, what gives?
  • How can I install two different versions of PdaNet on the same computer?
  • I want to purchase and register but http://my.iphone will not load.
  • My data service requires a proxy setup on the phone. Does PdaNet support that?
  • I have purchased but I have not received the email with the serial code.
  • If I only purchase one copy of PdaNet, can I install it on multiple computers?
  • Why is my serial number not accepted when I try to register?
  • Why MyWi is removed when PdaNet is installed? Did PdaNet do that?
  • Why is Pdanet replaced by MyWi in Cydia's featured list?
  • My question is not addressed above.

Connection Error

Useful Tips

  • If you run into occasion WiFi hotspot connection problems, try to reboot your iPhone and rename the hotspot before turning on. This will make sure the computer is not holding on to a bad cached wifi profile.
  • When you are done with PdaNet, turn the WiFi Hotspot off explicitly to conserv battery and also be safe.

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