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Ever dream of using your PalmOS device directly from your computer? With PdaReach now it is possible! Simply connect your PDA to your computer with the HotSync cable, PdaReach will show your Palm device on the computer and you can start typing and clicking on it. Super responsive!
Palm Inc. has chosen PdaReach to market and demonstrate Treo and other PalmOS devices. You can see PdaReach in action at International CES or other product road shows from Palm exhibitors. PdaReach has also been vastly adopted by teachers in the K-12 system for Palm PDA related education.

PdaReach 1.55

-- Supports all Treo, Tungsten, Zire and LifeDrive devices.

Download 1.55 (Update History)
$24 to purchase ($21 for site license - 10 or more users)

To try it:
1. Uninstall any previous installation of PdaReach
2. Download from above and run the installer on Vista/Windows XP/ME/2K/98SE
3. Tab the PdaReach icon on your PDA with USB connected

There are different ways that PdaReach can be useful:
  • For Business use: Demonstration and Training - If you ever need to present anything on your Palm with your computer, PdaReach will be the perfect tool to use. It comes with enlarge mode and a full screen theater mode which is ideal for projecting the Palm screen. For this reason, Palm uses PdaReach as a marketing tool and a training tool at very different occasions.

    Another useful feature from PdaReach is the support for taking screen shots, with or without any Palm skins. You can easily save any Palm screen to a image file on disk. Palm actually uses this feature to build their training materials.

    PdaReach comes with skins for almost all Palm OS 5 devices. You can visit the Skin Repository and add additional skins for your favorite look and feel.

  • For personal use: Convenience and Efficiency - PdaReach will display the real-time content of your Palm screen on the PC and you can use the mouse and keyboard to interact with it. This is an extremely handy and efficient way to operate your Palm device.

    For example, PdaReach displays a floating popup editor on Windows, allowing you to change any text fields on the device, even copying/pasting text from other Windows applications. There are also a lot of shortcuts built in so that you can perform certain actions as easy as pressing one button (e.g. Ctrl-S to launch HotSync or F1~F4 to invoke the app buttons).

    PdaReach will try to turn off - or dim, depending on the kind of device you have - the PDA screen while allowing you to interact with it from the PC -- a great way to conserve battery power on your PDA when it is in use.

    If you need to install a single Palm application (.prc or .pdb file) to your device, just drag-and-drop that file to the PdaReach window and it will be installed immediately. HotSync is not needed.

  • There are a lot more convenient and interesting things you can do with PdaReach. Check out our help section for tips on using PdaReach.
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